Church Is Not the Whole Story

Jesus gives us various gifts to facilitate our spiritual growth. Each of us needs to appreciate better the ways in which God has given us an entire world that could help us grow if we were to see things from the proper perspective or allow His spirit to speak to us.

We want to see how everything in this world can teach us something about God. Worship does not only happen in church, but in our hearts when we actively look for God in everything we do.

Collect several unrelated items, such as a map of a major city, a science textbook, a CD of music, a pressed leaf, a book of poetry, and a cell phone. Any items will do. Make sure that they are modern, everyday items that people come across often. You could use things like food processors, TV remotes, take-out menus, or laptops. The object is to recognize God in the most unexpected places.

Hold each item in your hand one at a time, and to tell a story about how we can learn about God from it or how we can see God in it. Write down the broad outline of each story, featuring the insights you gained personally. Be prepared to share these insights with others, perhaps even during your Sabbath School discussion.

Keep in mind, though, we are not looking for moral lessons here, but concrete descriptions of God and His character seen in the common things of our world. Write about any emotions or reactions that arise. Is it strange or perfectly natural to see God in these things?*

* Adapted with permission from the iFollow Discipleship Resource, ©North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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