What’s the Best Method?

In storytelling for children, there are some options to consider for the elements you may use in how to tell stories, both to capture the imagination of your listeners and to make the story itself more compelling.

Narration:This is a technique that is most effective when it’s a simple story, perhaps a known story of a Bible or missionary character. This keeps distractions to a minimum and keeps the focus of the audience fixed on the central character.

Participation: Cards and charts might be used for this, particularly when the story consists of some repetitive elements. Don’t hesitate to get the children involved in the story.

Visual aids: These are particularly useful when dealing with rare or unique objects, artifacts, places, countries, etc. They may include pictures, objects, a very-very-short video, etc. We don’t all learn best by listening; some of us learn better by seeing, feeling, or even tasting.

Costumes: Few things impress people more than having the storyteller dressed up as a Roman centurion. If you are going to dress up to tell a story, make the outfit relate to the story.

Dramatization: Dramatization involves telling the story as a skit and using several people to tell it. This is very effective but it requires preparation, rehearsal, and dedication from all the participants. It is, nevertheless, incredibly powerful.*

* Adapted with permission from the iFollow Discipleship Resource, ©North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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