General Overview of the Bible

In a sense, the Bible is a story about Jesus that should influence the ways we live our lives. It offers an inspiring and challenging portrayal of the way Christians may pattern behavior and belief.

This resource is a kind of checklist, to see what we’re learning. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel you have great answers for every question. 

The Old Testament contains _________ books.

The New Testament contains __________ books.

The Old Testament covers the historical period from
__________ B.C. until about _______ B.C.

The New Testament covers the period from
_______________ until _______________ A.D.

The three ancient languages used in the biblical documents are:
_____________, ______________, and ______________.

The Story Line of the Bible

God is the




God created human beings with a uniqueness:




The formation of religions came about because:




God called Abraham and his descendents to make known what truth about God and the universe:




The history of much of the Old Testament involving the Israelites (the Hebrews) revolves around God wanting to shape and solidify their:




List the various ways God used to help shape the Hebrews’ sense of calling and destiny and identity:




Jesus came to announce the




In what ways was Jesus’ Kingdom different from the religious and secular worlds of His time?




What was the big Surprise that Jesus announced to His followers after His resurrection and that ended up shaping the whole direction of this Kingdom of God that impacts us even today?




Interpreting the Bible

What are two ways people tend to interpret the Bible:




List some important tools to use for biblical interpretation:




Name two kinds of questions that are important to ask when reading Scripture:



The Authority and Inspiration of the Bible

What gives the Bible its authority and inspiration?




My Personal Response

I would describe my experience with the Bible as:

My approach to the Bible is:
Historical and contextual
Personal application

I would like to read the Bible for the following purposes, or to find answers to the following questions:*

*Adapted with permission from the iFollow Discipleship Resource, ©North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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