Do You Need a Faith Upgrade?

Finding faith in a troubled, upside-down world must always include the possibility that our personal faith experience may need an upgrade. This upgrade may call for something more in keeping with what we’ve learned, something that will serve us better in our path to discipleship.

Does your current worldview adequately answer some of the basic questions of life such as: Where have I come from? What is my purpose in the world? Where am I going ultimately? How do I explain evil and suffering in the world? Does that explanation make sense to those who are suffering? Does it provide some comfort and hope?

Does your current worldview give you courage and strength to face the difficulties of life? Does it give you a reason to live, even when the going gets tough? Does it give empowerment to others going through difficulties?

Does your current worldview prompt you to an active life of compassion, justice, and service to others? Does it reinforce the human core value of equal rights and respect for all? And does that empower you to treat all others in harmony with those values? Does your current worldview center on the highest core values of what it means to be human? Does it bring out the best in you and others?

Does your current worldview shape you into a person that people enjoy being around? Does it give you a humble confidence in who you are and what you’re all about? Does it make you approachable to people who are uncertain about themselves or about life in general? Does it make you a person who listens well?

Does your current worldview empower you to face death with confidence, with no regrets, with peace?

Does your current worldview leave open the possibility of God? If so, how you describe God? If not, what do you replace the God-factor with?

Personal Reflection: Answer “No” or “Yes” to the above questions, and then ask yourself:

What does that say about my life?


Strategies for Upgrading Your Faith

What is one or more ways in which you will evaluate your faith, and how often do you wish to do it?



What kinds of spiritual reading and reflection do you find helpful?



Do you have faith-building relationships? If so, with whom? If not, how will you go about developing some? *

* Adapted with permission from the iFollow Discipleship Resource, ©North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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