Encountering God in His Word

Disciples of Jesus seek to build on what Jesus Himself reveals about God. And they take every opportunity to see how Jesus uses the Word of God to reveal Himself to us.

This activity offers a way of moving toward a greater understanding of God through the study of Scripture.

Prayerfully choose a short passage—only a half dozen verses or so—of a Psalm, a biblical prayer, part of Isaiah or Jeremiah—something contemplative and loving that you feel God is leading you to choose.

Consider these questions: When is the last time I used sacred Scripture to encounter God? How can I read in a way that facilitates an experience of divine revelation in what I read? What is God trying to say to me in these verses?

What emotions and reactions come up as a result of this exercise? Do you feel you encountered God? Did it feel contrived, or pretended?

Insights and approaches:

  • What does the passage say on the face of it?
  • Read it again, silently, asking, What does God want to say to me through this passage?
  • Be silent for a minute, asking God to give you ideas and insights.
  • Read the passage a third time, silently. Ask yourself inwardly what you wish to say to God.
  • Read the passage through again, this time asking inwardly, How will my life change today because of this time with God?
  • In silence, plan one specific action or attitude change you plan to put in place because of this time.*

* Adapted with permission from the iFollow Discipleship Resource, ©North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

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