Discipleship Activities for the Family

Family faith-sharing tip:

God told the children of Israel to share their faith and their stories of God’s protection and guidance with their children as they went about their everyday lives. How can you share your faith in simple and inviting ways as you travel, live, eat, and spend time with your children?


  • Deuteronomy 6:1-9
  • God can help us find ways to spend time with Him all through the day.

Gather together:

  • Inexpensive paper plate with a surface you can write on, or a paper circle the size of a large plate
  • Pencils and coloring materials
  • Rulers
  • Thin posterboard
  • Scissors, glue, and coloring materials
  • Magazines with colorful pictures
  • Clear adhesive film or laminator

What you do:

  • Give each person a paper plate or circle of paper.
  • Fold the circles in half and then into quarters. Open them again.
  • Mark two points between each fold so you mark 12 points around the edge of the circle, like the numbers on a clock. Draw faint pencil lines with a ruler from each point on the edge to the center point.
  • Imagine the circle represents 12 hours in the day.
  • Ask each person to make a chart of what they do throughout the main, wakeful 12 hours of their day, coloring each activity in a different color:
    • Work or school work—green
    • Housework, cooking, or chores—blue
    • Meals—brown
    • Play or free time—red
  • Look at each person’s chart and see how each person’s day is different—or similar.
  • Discuss:
    • How can we take the time to have special moments with each other in our busy lives?
    • What would we really like to do with each other in the few moments we have together?
    • What helps each of us to feel really loved? Is it talking and being heard? Doing nice things together? Being helped? Being hugged? Receiving tiny treats?
    • How can we also make the space to have special time with God each day?
    • How can we be creative about spending time with our loving Father God when we’re travelling, eating, resting, or relaxing? (Some families listen to Bible stories in the car, or talk about God when they eat dinner together, etc.)
    • What can we make to remind us to spend time with God?
  • Make some kind of reminder together and talk about how you could enjoy spending more time with God as a family.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Make placemats together to remind you to thank God for your food when you eat.
  • Provide thin posterboard, scissors, and coloring materials_glue, stickers, pictures from magazines, etc.
  • Choose or create your own grace (prayer before meals) and write a prayer in the middle of the placemat. Find lots of different mealtime prayers at http://dailyprayer.us/before_meals_prayer.php.
  • Decorate the borders with cutout pictures, patterns, or drawings.
  • Laminate the placemats to protect them or cover them in clear adhesive film.
  • Or make car sunvisor “posters” with prayers for protection that you can read when you travel.

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