Discipleship Activities for the Family

Family faith-sharing tip:

One of the most powerful experiences a child can experience is when a parent offers grace when they know they deserve punishment—or when the parent takes the punishment that they deserve. Ask God to help you show grace to your children so they can experience His grace through you. 


  • 1 Corinthians 13:4
  • We learn about God’s grace when others are patient and forgiving. 

Gather together:

  • Several sheets of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Black and red marker pens (felt pens)
  • Pots of bubble mixture and wands
  • Flat dishes of salt, sand, or rice

What you do:

  • Tell your children a story about a time when you experienced forgiveness from another person.
  • Ask: What does forgiveness mean? When have you been forgiven or forgiven others? What were your feelings before, during, and after the forgiveness happened?
  • Help each child to make two strips of paper 2” (or 5cm) wide and at least 24” (or 60 cm) long. Stick shorter lengths of paper together to get the length you need.
  • Let the children make big black spots along each strip to represent mistakes and the times we hurt each other.
  • Then ask them to draw a red line from the beginning of the strip to the end. This is a line of human forgiveness. As humans we can often reach the end of our patience and the limit of our forgiveness with one another, just as the pen reaches the end of the strip.
  • Take the second strip of paper and make one twist in the strip before joining the ends with tape.
  • Give the strips to the children and ask them to draw a red line of God’s forgiveness all along the strip. This time the forgiveness never reaches the end of the strip. You can just keep on drawing an endless line, without stopping.
  • This is what God’s forgiveness is like. It never runs out. No matter how often we make a mistake, He will always forgive us if we ask.
  • For further amazing stories of forgiveness to share with your children explore www.theforgivenessproject.com.

Prayer/reflection activity:

  • Give each child a container of bubble-making solution. Ask them to dip the wand in the solution and think of something they would like to feel forgiven for. Then ask them to blow the bubbles as they pray for forgiveness (or think what it means to be forgiven). In a few moments the bubbles will have all popped and disappeared. They can never be found again or put back into the container. That’s what God’s forgiveness is like.
  • Or half fill a shallow dish with sand or rice or salt. Draw or write things to be forgiven in the sand, rice, or salt. Then shake the dish gently from side to side as you pray for forgiveness or think about what forgiveness means to you. The drawings will disappear, never to be found again.

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